October is the 10th month of the year. An octagon is an 8-sided figure. An octahedron is an eight-sided solid. An octopus has 8 tentacles. How come October is not the 8th month of the year but the 10th month? This is all Greek to us, or is it Latin? Probably Augustus Caesar had named the next month for himself after his uncle Julius Caesar had taken the seventh month. So the 8th month had been pushed later to the 10th month.

My wild guess, eh!


This was the twelfth of May. I made a call to John Chinniah to make some inquiry about his mother's story.

At the other end of the line, it was very noisy. It sounded like over at John's house there was a party. Yes, I was right and it was a birthday party.

You know who was the birthday boy? He was none other than John Chinniah himself.

John did not tell me directly. Instead he said since the MESSAGE is published monthly, why not publish the names of all the birthdays of the Mesians regularly?

"Very well," I said. "Let's start with you. When is your birthday?" off I rattled a question.

"Today. My children and grandchildren are holding a party for me."

So I hit the nail right on the head, see. "Happy birthday, John," I wished him instantaneously.


It was a wonderful suggestion but a colossal task. "Where do we get the birthday dates information?" I asked. John suggested we find out from our patriarch. He said Mr. Miles has an encyclopaedic mind. His store of information about the old defunct M.E.S. is like an archive. Now I dread digging into files and old records from the archive of Mr. Miles. Purpose: to extract the birthday information of Mesians. I worry the information of 200 Mesians would gridlock my mind and causes great confusion. I may also hit the wall and meet cul-de-sacs while trying to search for some Mesians' information.


So what is the best solution of getting all the birthday information?

Well, it's your cooperation and action. Please send me your birthday right away? Just the day and the month will be okay. I know some of us regard our year of birth as a birthright to be kept secret and sacred, right? You could write, phone, email or just SMS me. With the publication of the birthdays you could also wish your old friends

Birthday Cake Birthday Cake



Hot Sunshine

One hot and sultry Saturday, I drove up to the third mile to visit Mr. Miles. When I arrived I saw a Mercedes parked outside. As I pushed open the door, the tingling ting of the bell announced my entry.

There in the kitchen I saw two ladies. They were Lu Ah Ngan and another attractive middle-aged beauty. The four of us sat at the kitchen marble round table. Mr. Miles laid out the little snacks that I had packed. We started to tease our taste buds. A puppy talk went on as we munched and yakked on. Most of it was about the cute little puppies that infested our mentor's bungalow, lately.

I realised that the two ladies were there to take away some of the 18 little pups. Lu Ah Ngan seemed to have quite an experience with taking care of canine friends. The other lady was not new to pet large and small dogs too. She said so much about caring, feeding and treating pooches.

Hot Sunshine

While our taste buds were whetted, they talked of food for their pets. They mentioned of bringing their pets to the vets. They bragged of how often to bathe their pets. They palavered of their pets infested by tiny pests. I measured time as it ticked away. They told stories of ticks and how to rid them till my nerves almost fray. Finally they showed me the way. To where? To see their future pets!

We went out of the house to see the puppies. There was a crowd of them outside. Eight round lively puppies stick around their poor mommy. They pulled at her teats to extract and exact whatever milk she had. My! It was a sight to behold.


The ladies had a lot to choose from. Yet they took away two male puppies each. It is always the case when coming to choosing canine pets. The female little ones are always avoided and forsaken. The males would find homes sweet homes to be treated as favourites. What would happen to the ones of the weaker sex? I wonder. Even in choosing pets there is discrimination against the fairer sex! Well, it was the ladies who made the choices in this instance.

However, I did overhear our master said. "Take a pair, then you will raise your own pets." But of course, the suggestion fell on ears that were pretentiously deaf!


No, on that day I had this strangest encounter of all. I knew one day I would meet this disaster: driving head-on into a car coming up the one-car lane driveway to our mentor's bungalow. I was leaving. As soon as I had driven my little hero about 50 metres from where I had parked, I saw a car emerged from the foliage blocking the lane. It was heading towards me. I had to back up the driveway, else there was no way if none would give way.

I wanted to park back to my parking bay. Nay, after passing me the other car too was backing towards me wanting to park there. So I drove off without getting off to see who the driver was. "Huh! A big car it really was." I scoffed. I was sure the other guy did tick me off.

And, by giving way to that guy I did not see him even acknowledge my generosity. Not a wave of the hand! nor a nod!!not a honk from his haughty horn!!! neither was there a blinking of head lights at all. It must be somebody who thought he was some sort of a personality. O I C. (like somebody who sms me).


Money Falling Money Falling Money Falling

It can buy you a house.... But not a home
It can buy you a bed.... But not sleep
It can buy you a clock.... But not time
It can buy you a book.... But not knowledge
It can buy you a position.... But not respect
It can buy you medicine.... But not health
It can buy you someone.... But not love.

So you see Money isn't everything, it often causes pain and suffering.

I am telling you all this fact about what money can do and can't because I am your friend.

I want to take away all your pain and suffering.

So.......... (see my outstretched hand?)

Man Hands Stretch

And I will bear all your pain and suffering for you instead.

Money Falling Money Falling Money Falling

Cash? Oh yes! One day I spotted this sticker on the door panel of a businessman's money chest:

You ask credit I no give, you get mad
I give credit you no pay, I get mad
It is better you get mad
- Confucius (Kung Fuzhi)


Wedding Couple

The 23rd of May was an auspicious day. G.P. Kumarasamy's beautiful daughter K. Alli tied the knot with handsome and dashing Vasantha Kumaran in an elaborate ceremony.

The ceremony was staged at the Shree Lakshime Narayayan Temple in Jalan Kaspillai off Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur.

When I set foot into the temple compound I thought I had landed on alien ground. I looked around. No Matians were found. Excuse me, it's "no Mesians were found." As I tiptoed around suddenly I heard familiar sound. It was greetings from Mahalingam.


So I have come upon some Mesians. There were John and David Chinniah, my old buddies. There was another guy called Kuppusamy.

Kuppusamy hails from Brickfields. Before I met him, I was not sure whether he had received my MESSAGE that I sent him regularly. When he appeared in person before me, I realized that he does exist. We had a good chitchat about all and sundry.


We mooched around outside, as the hall was fully packed inside. After all, there were important guests who should be contained there. They were so smartly and elaborately dressed to witness the ceremony of the day. We men gave way.


Like all Indian wedding ceremony it was a high decibel affair. Loud music blared forth from the Temple hall where more than a thousand guests watched the ceremony in awe. It was a place full of human warmth. Even the continuous swirling of the many ceiling fans did little to cool the warming air. The audience was such devoted fans, in there.


Up on the stage the groom, Vasantha, and the bride, Alli were sitting in state. A topless bare-breasted fair priest conducted elaborate religious rites to bind the couple in a nuptial tie. The groom and the bride were richly adorned in their traditional ethnic wedding attires.


As the clock struck twelve the crowd began to shuffle. The new couple had gone through the important rituals. Guests proceeded to the huge canteen of the temple. There, they whetted their appetite in a vegetarian reception served buffet style.


More rituals went on even after the guests were feted. Kumarasamy was as busy as he could be attending to guests and ceremonies. Yours truly just managed to budge in to utter his blessings. Many relatives and people ascended on the stage to give the couple their blessings. It was such a wonderful wedding.

CONGRATULATIONS Vasantha and Alli. Enjoy your marital bliss. You are now members of the NPC - private I mean not the government one. I am sure you will do your duty to start a family. That's one contribution to this our beloved country. Help hit the target of our population budget!


The October 1, 1954 issue of the M.E.S.SAGE has an editorial written by Yip Fook Khim. Part of the editorial said:


We are really very sorry to say that it was impossible to print a paper last week and also that the last two issues were not a success. I am sure that the M.E.S.SAGE has a very bright and promising future. But it will not become a successful newspaper unless both the Editorial Board and the readers work hard.


(But I thought the readers' duty is just to sit back and enjoy reading like what you do with your daily newspapers nowadays and your promptly delivered MESSAGE-Editor)

Fook Khim also appealed for articles to be printed.

(Well, even at its infancy the M.E.S.SAGE had been plagued by the perennial problem of shortage of materials for printing!)

And another editorial of the month said: Quote:

It had been reported by the circulation managers that some readers are complaining that they are paying too much for the paper.

How much they were paying? Only 5 cents per copy. And even that was expensive!

(Five cent was the minimum payment acceptable then. Many people were having bullock cartwheel mindset those days - editor)

During the month of October democracy also came into the school's classrooms. A student council was formed with councilors from each class. Through this council students could voice their opinions and lodge complaints.


One student councilor suggested that students be given more homework. I thought the councilors were supposed to look after the welfare of the students and fight for their rights. To ask for more burden for the students was certainly unwelcome and most unbecoming of a class rep.

I was in the school then and thought we had had enough homework. Sometimes, we had to literally burn the midnight oil to finish it (you know those days some of us were using kerosene lamps). "Damned running dog councilor!" That's a yesteryears' cliche, eh!!


For YOU readers or you are better known as fans of the MESSAGE, sit back and read. I enjoy the cool of your breed (why not? with so many fans sending me the breeze). Just help me a little bit. Give me some lead. From those little tidbits of information I will try to whip up some concoction for you to read. Well, if you have a good story, please send it to me. The MESSAGE is ever hungry for stories.

Money Eyes WHY SO EXPENSIVE? Money Eyes

What after enjoying the good read, if I ask from you , "Five sen, please"? You would still say why so expensive? Why, because you have been so pampered; youfve got it FOC all this while. Had I asked you for a price, the MESSAGE would have long ago met its demise.

Yet we survive till this edition No. 35 and beyond too. Why? We have the sponsors whom we valued and prized. They help the MESSAGE to thrive. So can you, right.

If you are born with the genes of generosity, come in and help the fraternity. Just sponsor a series. Or take an individual edition as an indication of your participation. Join the rest of the generous Mesians. Make your name shine on the header of an edition. Thank you for reading this with patience, great Mesian!

 Book and Quill
Edited and written by Chan Suy Sang
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