Visiting Harwan Singh In a hurry we were all ready at 3.30 pm. On the way out, we stopped at the fruit stall by the traffic lights. There I bought some cut fruit for us and for the patient we were going to visit. I directed Gary to drive us via Kuchai Lama, Jalan Kelang Lama and then to Sunway. Gary lost his way. I asked people and finally we reached the Sunway Medical Centre. At the lobby I borrowed a wheelchair for the missus’s use. The guard-in-charge was very helpful. I wheelchaired the missus to the lifts. There we went up to the 6th floor. With the slip of guidance from the lobby staff, we entered. Soon we were directed to Harwan’’s sick bed.

Harwan was sitting up on his sick bed when we popped in. I had not informed him of our visit. So Harwan was surprised to see us. Anyway with preliminaries exchanged, we inquired what he was suffering from. He said it was his breathing system that was wrong. He had too much phlegm and seemed to cough a lot. They gave him the drip and he was better now. Yes, from his facial expressions he appeared fine and lively. He could talked well. He could eat well probably. We spoke quite a lot about his interests now: dreams and their meanings and his insights into the supernatural. We cheered him up and encouraged him to think positive. We wished him a quick recovery! After chatting for an hour, we left for home.


The 26 letters of the English alphabet are so intelligently arranged...they show you the way of life……

"A"lways "B"e "C"ool. "D"on't have "E"go with "F"riends n Family. "G"iveup "H"urting "I"ndividuals."J"ust "K"eep "L"oving "M"ankind. "N"ever "O"mit "P"rayers. "Q"uietly "R"emember God. "S"peak "T"ruth. "U"se "V"alid "W"ords. "X"press "Y"our "Z"eal.

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Billions are spent annually and still there is no conventional cure for diabetes. Or is there a cheap, safe and freely available solution already growing beneath our feet?

Diabetes is a very big business, representing tens of billion of dollars in pharmaceutical drug sales annually. Tragically, while the number of diabetes diagnoses continue to expand globally the drugs themselves, including recombinant (GMO produced) insulin, appear to actually increase mortality. Upton Sinclair nailed the problem on its head when he stated: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it."

In other words, the resistance within the conventional medical system against finding both the causes and the cures for the diabetes epidemic is institutional, economically-motivated, and fundamentally unethical.

This happens to be why continues to enjoy expanding popularity around the world. There is no shortage of research on natural solutions to both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, but with the mainstream media's primary funding coming from Big Pharma, the storylines either completely ignore or are pitted against the natural solutions we regularly report on. Back in 2014, for instance, we reported on a truly groundbreaking finding published in the American Diabetes Association's very own journal, Diabetes Care, which found a turmeric extract (curcumin) was 100% effective in preventing the progression from pre-diabetes to diabetes (type 2).

Obviously, turmeric possesses a wide range of side benefits, making this finding all the more promising for those under conventional care. Clearly, if these spectacular results had been obtained through an FDA approved drug instead of a plant that grows freely, it would have made global headlines as one of the greatest achievements of modern pharmaceutical medicine history. 

Fortunately, it appears that academic interest in turmeric and diabetes is picking up.

A new report, focused on the work of an Indian scientist, Professor Manohar Gang, working out o the University of Newcastle's Nutraceuticals Research Group, suggests that turmeric's anti-diabetic properties are related to its well known anti-inflammatory properties. Professor Gang is presently designing a clinical trial that will look at this connection in depth: “The root cause of type 2 diabetes is systemic inflammation, which impacts insulin secretion and function" Professor Garg explains. "We want to nip the inflammation in the bud."


One day Babir Singh from Seremban gave me a tinkle. He said someone wanted to get me to contact our mentor. Later Harwans Singh his brother told me that the person was one Ragwans Kaur from Bentong. She left the school in 1959. She became a nurse. Later she to went to the Middle East to work. There she made money and now was back in Malaysia. I wondered she had gone to visit Dato’!


A group of Taylor’s College former colleagues gave our mentor a lunch treat. It was a the new Crystal Crown Restaurant at the 1st Mile Tras Road. It is the latest big dining place in Bentong. The 1st mile of Tras Road is a now a very busy area with the new Tong Fatt supermarket there. The new restaurant faces that shopping centre. There were also shops near the Petronas gas station. Shoppers are going to that area because of ample parking and away from the hustle and bustle in the town.
 Luncheon With Dato' Miles

More jobs taken over by the iphone: dictionary, torch light, photo album, photo prints, thermometer, banking services, bill payments, address book, account books, newspapers, shares trading, books, note taking, video games, etc.

And somebody said that we are prisoners of our hand phones. That is why it is also called “cell phone.” Just looked around in a crowd, so many people are imprisoned by their phones, I mean busy with their hand sets.

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